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CLIM stream problem

 I'm running CLIM 2.0 under Genera 8.3. I created an application frame with
a frame command that basically outputs an postscript file to on my Unix
workstation (via NFS) and then executes a remote command to print the file
(this is where the problem comes in).

 The remote print command 
 prompts the user for a password before executing the command. However,
if the command is executed from within the application frame, I get the
error message stated below.

 1) Is there a way to suppress this prompting of the password?
 2) If not, is there a way to direct the prompting to appear within
    the command pane of my application frame? Note that I tried reassigning
    *TERMINAL-IO* and *STANDARD-INPUT* but to no avail.


Error: The object #<INTERACTOR-PANE 1072715267> received a :BUFFER-X message,
       which went unclaimed.
       The rest of the message was ().
       The message is handled by the flavor SI:INTERACTIVE-STREAM.

   Arg 0 (SI:STREAM): #<INTERACTOR-PANE 1072715267>
   Arg 1 (SI:TYPE): NIL
          FS:PROMPT-FOR-USER-AND-PASSWORD 1) 36600751130>
   Rest Arg: NIL
s-A, <Resume>: Supply replacement argument
s-B:           Retry invoking UNIX-REXEC (UNIX-REXEC) -- ICAT on INTERNET.
s-C:           Try UNIX-REXEC (UNIX-REXEC) -- ICAT (via DR_MORIARTY on CHAOS or
               via MILO on CHAOS or via NXP on CHAOS or via BILL-THE-CAT on
s-D:           Retry invoking UNIX-REXEC on ICAT.
s-E, <Abort>:  Return to Cap Plot command level
s-F:           Cap Plot top level
s-G:           Exit Cap Plot
s-H:           Restart process Cap Plot


Thanks for any help.



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