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:MULTIPLE-WINDOW option on mouse tracking operators

   Date: Wed, 4 May 94 09:35:45 CDT

   CLIM documentation mentions the :MULTIPLE-WINDOW option on:




   In the attached sample program, though, only CLIM:TRACKING-POINTER
   seems to actually operate successfully across pane boundaries.  Am I
   misunderstanding or misapplying this feature, or has it basically been
   dropped from CLIM?


You make a valid point in general, but let me correct a
misunderstanding in two specific cases.  Both
pointer-place-rubber-band-line* and pointer-input-rectangle* operate
in two modes:
 (1) supply a starting point, and wait for one press/release event;
 (2) supply no starting point, wait for two press/release events.

The examples in your test code use mode 1.

It is reasonable to ask for multiple-window operation in mode 2,
before it has seen any events.  It is not reasonable to ask for
multiple-window operation in mode 1, or after mode 2 has seen the
first event.  In such a case, the coordinates of the start and end of
the line (or rectangle) would be on different panes -- a situation
which is basically meaningless.

I will look into fixing the mouse-tracking stuff for multiple-window
capability where it is meaningful to do so.



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