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Re: LR Parser for MCL

This is John Matthews again:

Thanks for all of the notes and email replies to my query!
I received several replies. One person sent me directly an LALR(1)
parser he wrote, and several others sent me lexical scanners or told
me of ftp sites where I could obtain other parsers. The ftp sites are
as follows:

1)	a.gp.cs.cmu.edu		(from mkant@GLINDA.OZ.CS.CMU.EDU)
	directory: /afs/cs/cmu.edu/user/mkant/Public/Lisp-Utilities/
	/* You need to cd to the above directory in one step since
	** the parent directories are protected. Also, the host system
	** would not let me anonymously ftp to the site for some reason.
	** (Yes, I typed "anonymous" as the user name and my name and node
	** for the password)

2)	hpljl.hpl.hp.com	(from alubsch@hpljl.hpl.hp.com)
	directory: Pub
	/* The name for the archived parser files is called Zebu.tar.Z */

Thanks again for the help!

John Matthews