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problem with MCL 2.0a1 to 2.0b1 upgrade


  I've recently tried to install the 2.0b1 upgrade from the June 1994
develop bookmark CD and ran into problems.  I sent a note to the email
address (at cambridge.apple.com) over a week ago and got no response
so I thought I'd ask here.

  This is what I get when following the instructions;

   The command "(ccl::load-patches)" returns:

   The command "(load "cyclone-cursor-patch") returns:
    ;Loading "Dev/200-Q:MCL:patches 2.0:cyclone-cursor-patch.fasl"...
    > Error: Wrong FASL version.
    > While executing: CCL::%FASLOAD
    > Type Command-. to abort.

   The command "(reindex-interfaces)" returns:
    Parsing "interfaces;MEMORY.lisp"
    > Error: Reader error: No external symbol named "%GEN-TRAP" in package
#<Package    "CCL"> .
    > While executing: CCL::%READ-FORM
    > Type Command-. to abort.

I think this has something to do with the code already being at 2.0a1
instead of
2.0 but I would perfer not having to dig thru stuff thats been in storage
years to find the 2.0 disks if I don't have to.  Any ideas?

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