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Re: MCL 2.01 and the Radius Rocket 25 (IIcx)

In article <31vqdl$5o2@search01.news.aol.com> ronalds60@aol.com (RonaldS60) writes:
>I had a Rocket 25i, when they first came out, on my IIci.  At that time
>(running system 7.0..) I couldn't run MCL, A/UX, and some other 
>applications that I was used to running.  When I talked to Radius I did
>not get the impression that the Rocket boards would ever be 100% Apple
>compatable (especially with A/UX) so I sold the board to some that didn't
>need any exotic software.
I got a patch from Kalman Reti (Apple) to get MCL to start up on the
Rocket.  It seems to work but I haven't done any major work to really
stress it yet.

>The Rocket boards would seem to work for the mainstream of Apple's
>business, but you should talk to Radius to see if they ever cleaned up
>their code.
I checked with Radius.  They are aware of the problems associated with
the Radius Rocket family.  They are not going to update the RocketWare
to fix these problems.  They are trying to get me to get RocketShare
which would be useless for me on the IIcx.  Kalman indicated that
RocketShare is also having problems with MCL.

It is a shame that Radius's support is failing on the Rocket.  I have
used their graphic accelerators and was really impressed by its support
until now.