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Re: hardcopy of color windows??

On Sat Oct 29, Glenn Iba asks two questions about printing color windows
in print-u.
  1.  everything came out pink when I tried it on color windows.
  Is there some way to modify this to work on color windows??
  Perhaps by changing :GrafPort references to :CGrafPort
  references?? What else would need changing? Or is that
  approach (making QuickDraw draw to a printer port) unworkable
  for color windows?

Since I developed the code, the better solution would be to determine whether
the print options specified by the user are black & white. colour or monochrome,
or calibrated colour. Even changing the port to a CGrafPort won't necessarily
work, since you'll need to use the same color table/pixel size.

2. Print-u.lisp from CD-ROM [in User contributed code:Printing (hardcopy)]
  ...I tried
  to get the example "printing the contents of a small window"
  to work, but things froze up after I clicked the print button
  in the Print Dialog Box. 

Please use the printing utilities in the online repository rather than in
CD Rom. It used to "freeze" when printing to a stylewriter, but the new
version does not. The code is available by anonymous ftp from cambridge.apple.com
in /pub/MCL2/contrib/print-u.lisp.hqx.

As for the first problem, try the temporary work around. I'll help you
offline. It is complicated because it is general purpose and the printing
features are not well documented. Thanks to Bill St. Clair, I managed to
write the current code.