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Re: MCL Images on different Macs

At 5:44 PM 11/8/94, Jeff Lind wrote:
>   I've heard some scattered complaints here that MCL images compiled on
>one Mac model are crashing when run on other models (660AVs in
>   Is there any real evidence for this out there?
>   Is there any rational basis to think that this could happen?
>   We're about to compile the final version of an app and I'm wondering if
>there's a particular machine I ought to compile it on.

I certainly can't think of any reason that which machine you
compile on could affect the behavior of the saved application on
other machines.

MCL 2.0.1 fixed a bug that the first GC after closing a windoid
would crash on the AV quadras. Is this the problem with the image
in question, i.e. was it built with a version of MCL before 2.0.1?