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re: I think we agreed to send the part of the standard that we sent to ISO

[In reply to message from chapman@aitg.enet.dec.com sent Mon, 14 Aug 89 18:57:27 PDT.]

I thought we promised to send to X3J13 exactly what was sent to ISO.  I
think we ought to simply copy the draft as sent to ISO. It will take me a
day or so to get the tape made to sent to Kathy, and then she will have to
rerun TEX over the mess. I made some changes to the macros, and so if she
also did, she might need to integrate my changes to them.

I think there is nothing wrong with the disclaimers in section 2.2. What
needs to be checked and possibly corrected is the material that the
disclaimers warn might be inaccurate. I was unable to take the time to
verify that the international character set material and the type
hierarchies were correct. If there is anything we can take a bath on in
the draft, it's international characters.

The tracer material has been flushed from the ISO draft by redefining the
macros that delimit them (to be no-ops). Some material that was listed as
candidates for deletion have been commented out (but is still in place).