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Flushing People

Well, given Dick's position, I guess we should explore ways of
jettisoning Balzer.  Two problems that I can see:

1. Squires seems to be the one who is pushing Balzer into the center of
things, with Mathis following his lead.  I don't know how close those
two are, but we've got to get Squires to stop doing this, preferably
without causing any serious hard feelings.

2. Since the "services" are apparently to be done by ISI (a unilateral
decision by DARPA, despite what any of the rest of us would have
preferred) we have to somehow perform the Balzerectomy without
destroying any possibility that ISI will function properly to provide
the necessary services.  Replacing Balzer with Ohlander on the steering
committee might do the job, but only if this can be done without turning
Balzer into an ememy.  If the price of having ISI do the necessary work
is to put up with Balzer on the steering committee, I don't think we
have much choice but to accept this.

-- Scott