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ISO Committee Membership

In drafting the list of people on the technical committee, we must include
international representation as well as american. So says Mathis.

I talked to a manager at Xerox, and Bobrow is acceptable as the Xerox
representative (unless someone suddenly objects). This manager has the
power to stifle Masinter - that's why Masinter was not at the meeting
last week.

This Xerox manager objected to DLW and Moon both being on the committee.
I'm not sure I can manipulate him into acquiescing on this point.

I got some interesting mail from Utah, which is part of a discussion
among the Europeans. It seems their idea of a standard Lisp is a cros
between Scheme (good idea) and 3-Lisp (bad idea). Of course, they want a
formal semantics, which is tedious to do for a large language, so they
want a small language. I will forward that mail to you, but forward it
no further.