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How to get the CURRENT SCREEN.

	Is there a 'legal' way to get hold of the current screen or
console object?  There is the global TV:*ALL-THE-SCREENS*, which I
suspect is used by 'Set Screen Options', but there doesn't seem to be
any documented, general method for doing this. (Or have I not found it
yet?)  The curiosity stems from attempts at having the same code work
on the black & white console, the color screen, and over X.

	We're using some of the TV pop-up menu stuff, because it's
quicker and slicker for our application, and often end up specifying
:SUPERIOR arguments to TV:MAKE-WINDOW.  I guess we're looking for a 
quick replacement for TV:MAIN-SCREEN.  I just checked TV:WINDOW-UNDER-MOUSE
over X, and it seems to do the wrong thing.  Where's the magic gateway

Any suggestions?

-Sam Rushing