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accessing unix files under Genera 8.0

Since I am using Genera 8.0, I encounter an irritating problem that I have
never been able to solve: if I can write files to a unix machine, I am
unable to read a file:

edit file LIASUN4:/users/baechler/toto.lisp
creates a new empty file instead of editing it
Copy File LIASUN4:/users/baechler/toto.lisp To Cook:>eb>toto.lisp
Password ...
Copying ...
  Could not copy LIASUN4:/users/baechler/toto.lisp
  Error reported by foreign host: file not found
  for LIASUN4:/users/baechler/toto.lisp

Show directory LIASUN4:/users/baechler/*


0 blocks in 0 files

This happens for everyone in the lab, while it never happened under 7.2. Of
course I verified that all the services are enabled. I looked at the manual
supplied with the IP/TCP tape, but I didn't find anything about it.

Does anybody have an idea?

Emmanuel Baechler
AI Lab.
Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne
MA - Ecublens
1015 Lausanne		Switzerland