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Is there an easy way to copy recursive subdirectories from a UNIX box using Genera.

    Date: Mon, 22 Jul 1991 11:26 EDT
    From: BUCKMAN@alan.kahuna.decnet.lasc.lockheed.com (Eric Buckman)

    I have the 8.1 CD-ROM mounted on a SUN on the net, as sun:/cdrom/...
    I want to copy the sys directory and all its inferiors onto a symbolics (sym:>).

    I tried:

    Copy File host:/cdrom/**/* sym:>rel-8-1>**>*    :create directories yes

    but the UNIX box doesn't understand wildcards in subdirectories (I think).  So this isn't working.
    I have had no problem copying over individual files, but I want to get the whole over in one shot, and
    then delete the stuff we don't need.

    Thanks for the word.

    eric  (buckman@alan.portal.decent.lockheed.com)

The best way to install the sources on your Symbolics server from CD-ROM
is to load the tape images in the distribution directory using the
Restore Distribution command.  You can provide a keyword (and value)
argument called :Use Disk Yes, which will allow you to restore the tape
images direct from the CD-ROM.  This gets around the lack of accordion
wild cards in Unix, as well as avoiding the ISO file name truncation
issues.  If this explanation isn't clear enough, please let me know, and
I'll be happy to elaborate.