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Problems with the 8.1 distribution tapes

Hello Symbolics Support,

I have recently received the Genera 8.1 distribution tapes and when
I loaded the two "source" tapes I left out many of the systems that
were UX and MacIvory specific -- so I thought.  One of these included
the EMBEDDING-SUPPORT system.  After creating a Site world, I began
constructing a "development" world with CLIM, TCP-IP, NFS, and X.
Everything was loading great until the X-REMOTE-SCREEN system; it
wanted the EMBEDDING-SUPPORT system to be loaded.  So I went back to
the tapes to load that system -- low-and-behold, there was gibberish
in those files.  Files with the LISP extension had information that
looked like BIN files -- not all of the files, though.  Not only that,
but there were two EMBEDDING-SUPPORT systems; one on each tape, so I
loaded both to "get the full version".  Both of these had bad files;
the second-tape version had the Patch directory info., but the
system-dir file was gibberish.  Has anyone else had this problem
and does anyone have a solution?

			Bryan Basham

PS - SLUGgers, please respond to my address below as I am not on SLUG.

/  Bryan D. Basham				  /
/  NASA/JSC  Mail Stop: ER22,  Houston TX  77058  /
/  (713) 483-2065				  /
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