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LUV '91

If you think that top-quality programming and high productivity are both
synonomous with the modern Common Lisp programming environment (as
instantiated by Franz, Harlequin, Lucid, Symbolics, and others), you owe it to
yourself to register for the Lisp Users' and Vendors' Conference. The
conference will feature tutorials and general sessions about how to use
advanced features of Common Lisp and its extensions. There will also be
sessions addressing the issue of how to make the rest of the world aware of
the productivity enhancements which the modern Common Lisp programming
environment offers, how to further improve that productivity, and some
inspiring examples of that productivity.

The conference is in roughly a month (October 28 - November 1) and it will be
held in Gaithersberg, Maryland (just outside of Washington, D.C.). I encourage
you to register now. 

For more information about registration, contact:

Laura Lotz
Shelanski Associates

Vendors participating in the conference include:

Blackboard Technology Group
Gold Hill Computers
Chestnut Software
Apple Computer
Top Level