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   Date: Wed, 4 May 94 12:45:14 CDT

   CLIM 2.0-beta on LispWorks 3.2
   CLIM 2.0 on Allegro CL 4.2

   Sorry, I have another one of these 'feature-exists-p' questions.  The
   documentation for CLIM:FORMATTING-TABLE mentions a :MULTIPLE-COLUMNS
   option which causes each row to be broken into columns; but passing
   the keyword seems to have no effect.  An example is attached.  Again,
   am I misunderstanding something, or was this dropped from CLIM?

What :MULTIPLE-COLUMNS does is to take a bunch of rows and arrange
them into table having multiple columns.  What you have here is a
table having only three rows, each of which has a lot of cells.
:MULTIPLE-COLUMNS doesn't know how to do anything with this.

If it's any consolation, DW didn't hack this either.

   (in-package :cl-user)

   (defun show-integers ()
     (clim:formatting-table (nil :multiple-columns 10
				 :y-spacing 30)
       (clim:formatting-row ()
	 (loop :for i :from 1 :to 20
	       :do (clim:formatting-cell ()
		     (write i))))
       (clim:formatting-row ()
	 (loop :for i :from 21 :to 50
	       :do (clim:formatting-cell ()
		     (write i))))
       (clim:formatting-row ()
	 (loop :for i :from 51 :to 90
	       :do (clim:formatting-cell ()
		     (write i))))))

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