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MACL and AppleTalk

There isn't any built in support for Appletalk from lisp... You would
have to access it through the device manager traps (_Open, _Read,
_Write, _Control, _Status, _Killio) as if from an assembly language
program. Note that all of the Appletalk OS calls are implemented in
"glue code" as one of the above traps, and are thus not available
from lisp. Documentation can be found in Inside Mac volumes II & V.
You may also need "Inside Appletalk"

As far as I know, no one has written this code already, but if you
do it, or if someone has it, it would be _great_ if it could be

An example of how to use the device manager can be found in
serial-streams.lisp in the cambridge.apple.com ftp library.

- Joe Chung
MIT Media Lab