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ZMAIL suggestions


here's a ZWEI command which will insert the bug report prologue. I don't
have a command to include original CC's as I always start editing in two
window mode which allows me to grab the original lines with the mouse.

[what I would like for christmas is some useful documentation on ZWEI
interna (that is a documented programmer's interface) to make reliable
use of this great toolbox]


;1; Note: if you want to have this command available in other contexts,
0;1; you have to add additional SET-COMTAB's e.g. for

(defcom 2com-insert-bug-prologue
0	"Insert bug report prologue at POINT"
  ;1; move MARK to start of insertion
0  (move-mark (point))
  (let ((into-interval (create-interval (point) (mark))))
    (with-open-stream (stream (open-interval-stream into-interval))
      (with-undo-save ("insert bug prologue" into-interval)
	(dbg:bug-mail-prologue stream))
      ;1; move POINT to end of insertion
0      (move-point (send stream :read-bp))))
  ;1; now POINT and MARK wrap the bug report, a simple c-X c-X c-W will
0  ;1; kill it as will do an c-U (undo)
0  dis-text)

(zwei:set-comtab 2*reply-comtab*
0		 ()